Research Fellowships in Humanities and Social Science

Research Fellowships in Humanities and Social Science

Deadline: 6 July 2016

Open to: postdoctoral or PhD scholars who sponsored by an established and normally senior member of the department

Fellowship: research expenses and a salary, plus appropriate employer’s contributions


Wellcome Trust is currently inviting applications for its Research Fellowships with an aim to support humanities and social science scholars at all stages of their career but not in an established academic post, who wish to undertake a period of research in any area of human and animal health. Strong preference is given to applicants with a good prospect of achieving an academic career in the field.

The maximum duration is three years full-time equivalent. The awards are full-time but may be awarded on a part-time basis if a case can be made that personal circumstances require this.

Full applications are considered by either the Medical Humanities or Society and Ethics Expert Review Group, depending on the area of the proposed research.


You can apply for an Investigator Award if you’re a researcher at any stage of your career, for example a newly appointed lecturer, a mid-career researcher, or a senior or emeritus professor.

You must hold an established post.

We’ll consider your application according to your career stage and experience. If you’ve been away from research (e.g. for a career break, maternity leave or long-term sick leave), we’ll allow for this when we consider your application.

If you’re at an early stage in your career, you should be able to show that you can innovate and drive advances in your field of study and demonstrate considerable potential. Your research, funding and training track records should be good relative to your career stage.

If you’re a mid-career or senior researcher, you should have achieved more in terms of:

  • the originality and impact of your research
  • your track record in gaining research grant support
  • your success in training and mentoring others.

Senior researchers should be internationally recognised as leaders in their fields.

You should have:

  • a permanent, open-ended or long-term rolling contract, salaried by your host organisation in the UK, Republic of Ireland or a low- or middle-income country


  • a written guarantee of an established academic post at a host organisation, which you will take up by the start of the award.

You should also have a statement of commitment from a senior member of your organisation and a relevant research project.

We welcome joint applications where a project will benefit from the complementary expertise of two researchers. Please contact us for advice before you apply.

If you’ve already been unsuccessful with an application for this scheme, please contact us before you apply again.

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