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After more than 10 years experience in variety of young projects, specializations and participation in Summits I accumulate lots of information for youth opportunities around the globe. I realized that there is not such a place in internet that presents this useful and well-structured information about youth. Please fill free to browse at YouthTriumph.com and to upload information about youth opportunities.

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Georgi Michev

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Youth Triumph web based platform is property of Global Organization for Development /G.O.D./ NGO. G.O.D. NGO is established in 2009 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Some of the activities of G.O.D. NGO for last couple of years are:

– National campaign “Youth Vote”- initiative of AEGEE (Association des Etats Gеnеraux des Etudiants de l’Europe), which was developed in Bulgaria. The campaign contributed to increased youth turnout during the elections for Bulgarian and European Parliament (2009);

– G.O.D was one of the initiators and co-organizers of the Global Anti-HIV campaign in Sofia which raised funds for HIV positive people in Africa (2009);

– Workshops on improving social skills of youngsters with fewer opportunities in remote areas for better career opportunities (2009-2010);

–  G.O.D. supported and participated in Choice Box- an initiative of the information strategy of the European Parliament (2009);

– An original project –  “Let’s return to Bulgarian traditions”- financed by the Sofia Council (2010);

– “Students and Security”-First student inter-university conference in the security area in Bulgaria (2010);

– Multiplication in Bulgaria of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation project „Get on board! Mobilizing young leaders to support the EU enlargement process towards the Western Balkan states” (2012);

– Public lectures of Ambassadors (U.S., Japanese, German) and Foreign Service Representatives;

– First International Creative Leadership Academy – Key lecturer was prof. Frank Prochaska,  US White House Presidential Award Holder, former Air Force officer and Chair of Management- Emeritus at Colorado Technical University (USA) (2015).

– Friedman Legacy Day 2016- G.O.D. NGO had the honor to organize in Bulgaria the Friedman Legacy Day 2016 with the support of the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice (USA). Friedman Legacy Day 2016 was celebrated in more the 100 countries around the world. Milton Friedman is a Nobel Prize holder (1976) and he served as a trusted advisor to U.S. Presidents and countless other leaders and influential figures.

– Tolerance campaigns (October 2016)- The first one raised awareness and tolerance for the refugees and asylum seekers in Bulgaria. The second campaign was focused on encouraging more women to play football in Bulgaria. Both campaigns were supported by Fare network.

– 27 approved Erasmus + projects for 2017 where we are partners. For 2017, 2018 , 2019, 2020, 2021 we are partnering in 74 Erasmus + projects. We gave the chance of more than 500 Bulgarians to participate in trainings and youth exchanges abroad.

– Our team has supported a variety of initiatives (sport, cultural and entrepreneurship-related ones) with volunteers.

Global Organization for Development /G.O.D./ NGO has a Facebook group  with more than 24 768 young people (valid until March 21 ,2022). The group aims to inform young people from all around the world for opportunities for their development, such as scholarships, university programmes, summer and winter schools, internships, grant calls, Erasmus projects and etc. Up until this moment G.O.D. NGO administers several Facebook groups and pages which have, altogether, more than 127 025 members and subscribers (valid up to March 21 ,2022). All these Facebook groups and pages are dedicated to spread information about educational and career opportunities all around the globe. After the success on Facebook the Founder and Chair of the Executive Board of G.O.D. NGO Mr. Georgi Michev decided to create the https://youthtriumph.com/.

The current version of Youth Triumph is beta. It was visited by people from 160 countries from 195 sovereign countries around the globe during the third month after being launched.

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