Grant for European Audiovisual Work Development




Deadline: 2 February 2017
Eligibility: EU member states, candidate countries, EFTA countries, Swiss confederation, Countries covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy
Grant: The minimum contribution per action under these Guidelines is of EUR 70.000


As part of the Creative Europe Programme (2014-2020), the MEDIA Sub-programme is aiming for reinforcing the European audiovisual sector’s capacity to operate transnationally and internationally and one of the priorities of the programme is to increase the capacity of audiovisual producers to develop European projects with a potential to circulate throughout Europe and beyond, and to facilitate European and international co-production.

The MEDIA Sub-programme shall provide support for:

  • The development of European audiovisual works in particular films and television works such as fiction, documentaries, children’s and animated films, as well as interactive works such as videogames and multimedia with enhanced cross-border circulation potential;
  • Activities aiming to support European audiovisual production companies, in particular independent production companies, with a view to facilitating European and international co-productions of audiovisual works including television works.

Other requirements

  • EU Member States and overseas countries and territories which are eligible to participate in the Programme;
  • Acceding countries, candidate countries and potential candidates benefiting from a pre-accession strategy, in accordance with the general principles and general terms and conditions for the participation of those countries in Union programmes established in the respective Framework Agreements, Association Council Decisions or similar agreements;
  • EFTA countries which are members of the EEA, in accordance with the provisions of the EEA Agreement;
  • The Swiss Confederation, on the basis of a bilateral agreement to be concluded with that country;
  • Countries covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy in accordance with the procedures established with those countries following the framework agreements providing for their participation in European Union programmes.


  • The total budget available is EUR 12.5 M. The financial contribution awarded is a subsidy;
  • The minimum contribution per action under the Guidelines is of EUR 70.000;
  • In case of a Slate without a Short Film project, the contribution is limited to a maximum of EUR 200.000;
  • In case of a Slate of only creative documentary projects without a Short Film project, the amount is limited to EUR 150.000;
  • The financial contribution awarded will in no event exceed 50% of the total eligible development costs of the slate submitted by the applicant;
  • If a short film project is added to the Slate, the maximum contribution per action is EUR 210.000 and in case of a creative documentary Slate, the amount is limited to EUR 160.000;
  • The minimum financial contribution which may be awarded to a project of the slate is EUR 10,000 and the maximum is up to EUR 60,000, provided the amount does not exceed 50% of the eligible costs of the project;
  • If a short film is added to the slate, the maximum financial contribution for the short film is up to 10,000€, provided the contribution does not exceed 80% of the eligible costs of production of this project.


  • The deadline for sending applications is 2 February 2017.
  • Proposals must be received not later than 12.00 noon (midday Brussels time) on the relevant deadline, using the online application form (eForm). No other method of submission of an application will be accepted. Applicants shall ensure that all the documents requested and mentioned in the eForms are provided

For more information, please read the official call.



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